Project Subak

Project Subak provides borehole water to communities across South Africa. Access to clean water brings hope, restores dignity and improves the quality of life for people and communities who have been denied this basic human right. We educate communities on how to use water responsibly, maintain their water infrastructure and produce their own vegetable gardens. Clean water is essential for hygiene and in preventing diseases such as cholera and even more important in the fight of the spread of Covid-19. Without clean water it is simply impossible for households and communities to wash their hands regularly as required by the World Health Organisation and the South African government as a way of stopping the spread of the corona virus.

Since South Africa’s first case of Covid-19 on 5 March 2020, the virus has spread into all nine provinces and cases of more than 50 000 has since been confirmed with a peak predicted around September 2020. One of the ways of preventing the spread of the virus is by regular washing of hands with clean water and soap or using an alcohol based sanitizer. 
Access to clean water makes it possible to wash hand regularly and increase hygiene in order to prevent the spread of the corona virus.
The economic impact of the lock down as government’s plan of reducing the spread of the virus has resulted in many South African families losing income and unable to put food on the table. This is a problem that is likely to worsen as more jobs are being lost due to the slowdown in the economy.

Access to Clean Water

We specialise in drilling, installation and maintenance of borehole and pumps. Our service offering includes the construction of boreholes, yield testing and installation of submersible pumps, as well as the supply and installation of storage tanks.  Based on our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we are able to locate the best water sources below ground and connect to water with guaranteed supply, providing constant flow, pressure and quality water at the flick of a switch. We are able to design and construct boreholes for domestic and commercial properties, schools, factories, hotels, hospitals, golf courses and community centres across South Africa. Project Subak offers a complete water supply service with various connection, appliances and infrastructure options, custom designed, fitted and maintained to ensure long term supply of water to communities. 

Vegetable Gardens

Project Subak further equips communities with the gardening knowledge and education they need to successfully grow their own vegetables and fruit. Individual households are able to grow their own food primarily for their own consumption whereas through small commercial farming, community groups are able to produce food at a larger scale to improve food security. The benefits of food production include reducing hunger and poverty levels, instilling an appreciation of nature, responsibility, pride, patience and job creation.

Fruit and vegetable plants and seeds are donated to communities in need. Through our education programme, communities are taught how to plant and successfully produce fruit and vegetables to feed their families. Ongoing support and guidance is given to ensure the initiative is sustainable to the benefit of communities.


We are committed to ensuring that beneficiaries of our service are educated on how to use water wisely and take care of the facilities and infrastructure. Through education we built a sense of pride, appreciation and ownership with community members to avoid facilities being stolen or vandalised. To ensure sustainability of our projects and job creation, we empower local youth with technical skills on how to repair and maintain the water facilities and provide ongoing mentorship until they are able to operate independently.

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