SAPNA Peer Mentorship Programme

Join our PEER Mentorship Programme to give back through progressive, enriching and enabling relationships with the youth. Our goal is to create sustainable professional networks that our members can exploit for career growth, entrepreneurial development, and influence practical change and transformation in communities.

The programme is designed to create a value network of knowledge and opportunity sharing for its participants. We believe in creating an environment where one can develop their mind, learn more, gain professional qualifications within their discipline, improve their resume, and be inspired by like-minded individuals in the professional world. This enriching environment is also an effective way of grooming young talent and exposing them to a world of possibility, the cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset, personal mastery and academic excellence.

Programme Structure

To ensure success, the programme will be preceded by an orientation session for participants to manage expectations and up-front definitions of what success will look like. SAPNA will ensure that both mentee and mentor see a benefit in the relationship. Similarly, clear and realistic expectations of what a mentoring relationship is and is not will also be clarified.

During the orientation session, participants will sit in mentor/mentee pairs for a prescribed amount of time, asking questions to get to know each other. The participants will discuss next steps, responsibilities and how they will engage in the next 6 months based on their location and availability.

Mentor/ Mentee Pairing

Each mentee will be paired with one mentor depending on their specific needs expressed in the registration form. SAPNA will consider the following key points during matching:

  • The mentee’s location respective to their potential mentor,
  • The mentor’s discipline/degree relative to the mentee’s chosen career path,
  • Competencies and skills of the mentor/mentee
  • Compatibility of the match

The programme duration is 6 months/ 24 weeks. Mentors and mentees will be encouraged to connect via email, what’s app and online through a closed Facebook Mentorship Group. There will be 2 compulsory face-to-face meetings initiated by the mentor/mentee. SAPNA will facilitate two contact sessions (orientation and exit) during the 24 weeks. Participants will be sent an online survey to complete every 6 weeks for SAPNA to obtain progress info. Further training and reinforcement will be provided on the Facebook Mentorship Group and supporting what’s app groups.

Registration Process

  1. To join the programme as a PEER Mentor or Mentee, one needs to register online
  2. SAPNA will pair mentors with mentees based on preferences of mentees and compatibility
  3. Mentors and mentees will be introduced via email and encouraged to make contact prior to orientation
  4. Participants will be invited to attend an orientation session
  5. Participants will sign an indemnity, code of conduct and a 6-month contract
  6. SAPNA will guide the progress in the mentor/mentee relationships by collecting and sharing feedback with both parties based on the following: The program; The mentoring connection; and The individual
  7. At the end of the programme participants will attend an exit session to evaluate the impact of the programme and discuss the way forward.

Register to participate in the SAPNA Peer Mentorship Programme