Hustle & Thrive is an empowerment network for entrepreneurs which aims to establish networks where aspiring, up-and-coming and experienced entrepreneurs can rub shoulders with captions of industry.

The Hustle & Thrive initiative will assist entrepreneurs through the various stages of the business life cycle by offering the ideal platform for networking and empowerment. So, whether you are in start-up or growth phase of your business, this initiative will offer value in terms of the diverse networks, education and “business coaching”.

Hustle & Thrive’s unique value proposition is to build a solid network that focuses on building and maintaining relationships which will assist entrepreneurs in advancing their business ventures and future business opportunities.

As part of our commitment to supporting local small businesses, we open up our networks and encourage members to trade and do business amongst each other. To list your business, send us your company logo, name of business, website and email address to

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