Inner Game of Success



Venue: Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo, 20 Morris Road, Woodmead, Sandton

Launch Date: Saturday, 2 September 2017

Time: 09:30 until 13:00

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SAPNA in partnership with New Habits and Fresh Thinking Holdings will be hosting a personal development programme or 30 – 40 delegates aimed at empowering professionals with essential skills for success. The programme will be delivered over a three month period including course work between sessions. The event has a small administration fee of R200 payable by each delegate to ensure that delegates commit and attend.

Proposed Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the essential elements of success
  • How your unhappiness is damaging your career and your life
  • The most common ways people sabotage their own success
  • How to identify what you’re passionate about and build a career around it
  • The 10 essential inner shifts to build a happier, more satisfying career
  • The 5 game-changing shifts you can make today to grow brand and your career
  • The 3 Questions you will encounter on your Career Journey
  • Crafting Your Career Story

Speakers/ Facilitators:

  • Safiyyah Boolay-Jappie, MD and Founder: NewHabits
  • Dr Meshack Khosa, CEO: Fresh Thinking Holdings
  • Vincent Motholo, Senior Audit Manager: Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo


        2 September 2017: Session 1

23 September 2017: Session 2

14 October 2017: Session 3

28 October 2017: Session 4

11 November 2017: Session 5



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