Learn more about our comprehensive bursary management services. Our offering can be tailored to your needs ranging from marketing your bursary program, recruitment & selection of candidates, onboarding & contracting, disbursement of funds and ongoing monitoring of students to ensure your students are supported and guided throughout the process.

Benefit from our workplace readiness and employability skills training, covering a diverse range of topics. Our holistic approach to providing wrap around support services significantly increases self-confidence of students to successfully transition into tertiary, maintain good academic performance while acquiring leadership and professional skills to gain employment.


If you are looking for assistance in marketing your bursary programme to the right learners to attract the best talent from across South Africa including rural areas and townships, we have the relationships and networks to facilitate access to your target market.

Recruitment & Selection

Our team is able to assist you with the recruitment and selection of candidates for your bursary program, we are able to produce short lists based on your selection criteria and present you with supporting documents to help you make a final selection.

Onboarding & Contracting

Successful students are onboarded with universities to ease registration and with the bursary programme through contracting sessions to ensure clear understanding of bursary terms and commitments for academic progression and maintaining bursary funding.


We have formed strategic partnerships with universities to ensure timeous and accurate disbursement of student funds for tuition, meals, accommodation and text books, according to agreement and allocations agreed with our funders.


Academic progression of students is our most important objective; hence we closely monitor students’ academic progress, emotional and psychosocial wellbeing to inform interventions such as academic support, counselling or coaching.

Our bursary management programme aims to address the following challenges that face South African students:

Reducing the high dropout rate of students at higher education

Increasing the overall employability of graduates through holistic development

Improving the country’s skills profile, especially in occupations of high demand

Supporting partnerships between business and higher education institutions in supporting of students.