Overview of SAPNA

SAPNA is the South African Professional Network Association, a networking and empowerment organisation for professionals in occupation, and entrepreneurs. SAPNA supports the development of professionals and entrepreneurs by creating engaging opportunities through networking and empowerment events and community development programmes.


SAPNA was established in 2012, launched in 2014 by a group of passionate professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries who appreciate the importance of establishing and growing wide professional networks.

Our Vision

The vision of SAPNA is to be a leading and distinctive platform for world-shapers to impact the communities they live and work in.


 Our Mission

  • to create a platform for professionals to master the art of networking
  • to empower professionals by encouraging sustainable wealth creation and preservation
  • to profile role models by sharing their experiences and learnings from their personal journey of success
  • to influence practical change and transformation in communities
  • to encourage a culture of giving back by mentoring youth to succeed


If you want to take your business or career to the next level, be empowered and give back to your community, join SAPNA. Our strategic focus areas are networking, empowerment, mentorship and community development.