Youth Outreach

Professionals and Entrepreneurs are invited to join our Volunteer Youth Empowerment Programme.

Since 2013, SAPNA has been involved in building capacity and empowerment of grade 12 learners by providing much needed career guidance, life skills and motivation that will see learners make informed career choices and successfully transition into tertiary.

We are looking for volunteers to join the SAPNA Youth Empowerment Programme. This programme is aimed at building capacity of grade 9 to 12 learners and empowering them through career guidance, study skills, personal mastery and mentorship so learners are able to make informed career choices.

This is an early intervention programme that empowers learners with career information at grade 9 to influence their decision on career choices.

Most township schools lack sustainable learner development programmes that empower and support learners throughout high school. In response to the need of such sustainable programmes the SAPNA YEP is being launched in July 2019 at Progress Comprehensive High School, Soweto.

Your role as a volunteer will be to form part of the sessions as a speaker/ panelist/ co-facilitator or any capacity as required by the programme.

Register now to be part of another phenomenal initiative by SAPNA that positively impacts the lives of youth. Full programme info to be made available after registration.

CLICK HERE registrations for the event are closed until further notice